Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturer: magnetic level gauge connection mode and classification

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The magnetic level gauge adopts the principle of a connector, and the measured container and the measuring body tube form a connector structure. In this way, the liquid level height of the liquid medium in the container is the same as the liquid level height in the measuring body tube, and the liquid level height of the medium in the container can be known as long as the liquid level in the measuring body tube. In order to realize the connection between the magnetic level gauge and the container, various ways can be used. Here are some commonly used connection methods of magnetic level gauges, as well as the installation methods and classification of magnetic level gauges.

Magnetic level gaugeIs the use of the principle of the connector, the measured container and the measurement of the main body tube to form a connector structure, so that the liquid level height of the liquid medium in the container and the measurement of the liquid level in the main body tube of the same height, as long as the measurement of the liquid level in the main body tube can know the liquid level height of the container medium. for the realizationMagnetic level gaugeThe connection to the container can be made in a variety of ways. below introduce someMagnetic level gaugeCommon connection methods, andMagnetic level gaugeThe installation method and classification.

1Side mounting method
This is a very common form of installation, suitable for the installation of containers with an interface at the upper and lower ends of the outer side of the container. This installation method is generallyMagnetic level gaugeA pair of connecting flanges shall be welded on the connecting pipe, and the flanges shall be matched with the flanges on the container;Magnetic level gaugeThe installation must be done vertically;Magnetic level gaugeIt is usually necessary to add a valve between the container and the connecting flange to cut off the medium channel when the instrument fails to repair or clean regularly. During debugging, the upper lead pipe valve is opened first, and then the lower valve is slowly opened to allow the medium to enter the main measuring pipe smoothly, so as to prevent the float from being rapidly impacted by the medium and causing measurement fluctuation.


2Top-mounted installation method
This form of installation is also more common. It is suitable for the measurement of the liquid level in the underground storage tank, or the container is not suitable for the side opening, or the surrounding space required for the side installation of the container is too small, or the viscosity of the measured medium is large, which often needs to be installed in the form of top installation or installed at the bottom of the container. Top MountMagnetic level gaugeIt is directly installed on the top of the container, and the liquid level is measured by the floating ball floating up and down with the liquid level, and the connecting rod drives the magnetic floating ball to move up and down to drive the small flip plate in the outer magnetic indicator to flip. During installation, the protective conduit and the main tube of the level gauge must be kept vertical; the connecting rod must not be bent and must be inserted straight, and the inclination of the main tube must be less3°. If the installation height reaches4To5It is recommended to add fixed cables on both sides to ensure that the instrument will not be damaged in harsh environments, such as vibration on site, collision, windy weather, etc.


3Installation method of hose isolation
For some large vibration is not suitable for direct installation of magnetic flap level gauge occasions, the installation method of hose isolation can be used. WillMagnetic level gaugeInstall it on a reliable device isolated from the container nearby, and then use a hose to connect the process connecting tube of the level gauge with the interface of the container, so as to achieve the purpose of damping, and will not affect the normal measurement of the level gauge.


4Other installation methods
According to the requirements of working conditions,
Magnetic level gaugeThere are other installation methods, such as top and bottom installation methods, side top installation methods, etc., which need to be selected according to different opening methods and allowable opening positions of the container.

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