Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturers introduce five key points in the use process

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Top-mounted magnetic level gauge has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, stable function, long service life, and easy device protection. Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturers first use it widely in petroleum processing, food processing, chemical industry, liquid level measurement in the fields of water treatment, pharmacy, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy, ships and boilers. _Bullseye High Pressure Level Gauge_Top Mounted Magnetic Level Gauge

Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturerIt is suggested that the product can be applied to high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, easy crystallization, anti-blocking, anti-freezing and solid powder and granular materials. It can measure the liquid level of strong corrosive medium, measure the liquid level of high temperature medium and measure the liquid level of sealed container, which has nothing to do with the viscosity, density and working pressure of the medium. Top-mounted magnetic level gauge has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, stable function, long service life and easy device protection,Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturerFirst of all, it will be widely used in oilProcessing, food processing, chemical, water treatment, pharmaceutical, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy, ship and boiler in the field of liquid level measurement. _Bullseye High Pressure Level Gauge_Top Mounted Magnetic Level Gauge




Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturerIntroductionFive key points in use:

1,Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturerIt is a measuring instrument that uses a magnetic float to sense and the principle of magnetic coupling and cooperation between the magnetic float and the display magnetic body to display the measured liquid level or interface.;

2,Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturerDesignThe indicator can be arranged on the top and side of the barrel tank to indicate and control the liquid level in the barrel tank. The continuous flange can withstand the height of the customized liquid level. The indicator is composed of magnetic sheets. When the floating ball in the body tube rises with the liquid levelMagneticThe liquid level height can be displayed by turning over the film, and a remote transmitter can also be installed on the body tube;

3,Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturerSuitable for high temperature, high pressure and other places, it can be displayed on the spot and controlled by remote transmission. The body pipe adopts seamless steel pipe, and the pipe adopts pull hole welding without internal scratches. The lower end of the body is fully sealed for leakage prevention.;

4,Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturerThe connecting tube is used to ensure that the liquid level between the measured container and the measuring tube body is equal. When the float in the measuring tube changes with the measured liquid level and other qualities, the magnetic body in the float and the magnetic body effect in the color column displayed on the display panel turn over the color column. White reveals that there is no liquid, and red reveals that there is liquid, so as to reach the value of the liquid level displayed on the spot.;

5,Top-mounted magnetic level gauge manufacturerThe top-mounted installation method can be equipped with remote transmission installation, so that the liquid level meter can display the liquid level on the spot or remotely monitor the liquid level, which is referred to as remote transmission magnetic flap liquid level meter.


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