Precautions for selection of level switch

Common level switches include vibrating level switches, RF admittance level switches, rotary resistance level switches, etc. Because all kinds of level switches have their own characteristics and scope of application, even the same level switch, in the face of complex working conditions, also need to choose different models to adapt to it, in order to achieve better level measurement effect, the selection of level switch is very important. So, the level switch in the selection of the need to pay attention to what are the following points:




Why use magnetostrictive liquid level gauge in gas stations? These two points tell you

As a liquid level measuring instrument, level gauge is widely used in various industries. Among them, gas stations in the oil industry can often see the figure of liquid level gauges. Many people will ask why magnetostrictive liquid level gauges are used in gas stations at this time?




Problems that Magnetic Level Gauge May Encountered in Installation and Use

When installing the magnetic level gauge, the magnetic level gauge must adhere to the vertical condition. A ball valve should be installed between the magnetic level gauge and the container lead pipe to facilitate the maintenance, disassembly and cleaning of the level gauge. The liquid medium to be measured should not contain solid impurities or magnetic substances, otherwise it is easy to form a jam on the float and affect the accuracy of measurement.




Buoy level gauge installation and use and precautions

Buoy level gauge is a kind of simple liquid level measuring instrument, which is suitable for the flat-bottomed cone cover and vault container of tanks, tanks, oil fields, oil depots and other corrosive media in petrochemical system, as well as the low-cost liquid level measurement required by water towers (water tanks) of general enterprises and civil buildings, so as to solve the difficulty of manual liquid level measurement. today to introduce buoy level meter installation and debugging methods and matters needing attention.




Working Principle and Installation and Commissioning of Buoy Level Gauge

Buoy level gauge is a field instrument that uses buoys as measuring elements and indirectly indicates the level of the measured medium in open or low-pressure containers through a group of roller slides and steel wires. It is suitable for the liquid level measurement of the corrosive medium tank of petrochemical storage tank system, tank, oil field, oil depot and other industries, as well as the water tower (tank) of general enterprises and civil buildings. Solve the liquid level measurement of the storage tank and the difficulty of measuring with a steel ruler for manual topping, and can obtain accurate measurement results, the measured medium can be acidic, alkaline or high viscosity.




Notes and characteristics of level gauge

The correct selection of the liquid level gauge can ensure the better use of the liquid level gauge. What kind of liquid level gauge should be selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the fluid medium to be measured. The diameter, flow range, lining material, electrode material and output current of the level gauge can be adapted to the nature of the measured fluid and the requirements of flow measurement.




Product Overview of Buoy Level Gauge

The buoy level gauge is a mechanical level measuring instrument. When the liquid level in the measuring container is at a certain position, the buoy weight W, the weight W1 of the heavy hammer pointer and the buoyancy F of the buoy immersed in the liquid, the friction force F and the four forces in the whole system are in equilibrium (I .e. W-F- W1-f = 0). When the liquid level rises, the float is floated along the guide cable due to the traction cable, and the liquid buoyancy, F increases. The four forces of the original balance system are out of balance, and the heavy hammer pointer slides downward under the action of gravity. At the same time, the rising height of the liquid level is also continuously indicated on the scale. Similarly, it can be explained that when the liquid level drops, the buoyancy F of the float




How to Correctly Overhaul and Maintain the Installation of Heavy Hammer Buoy Level Gauge

The faults of the heavy hammer buoy level gauge include zero drift, inaccurate fullness, most electronic circuits affected by temperature, or vibration in the installation environment of the instrument. By adjusting the circuit parameters and calibrating the instrument, the process level changes, but the buoy level indicator does not change. Many fastening bolts are not fastened, or the bolts are loose due to vibration. The loosening of the connecting shaft causes the transmitter to be separated from the buoy shaft. The heavy weight buoy level gauge shows slowly. It may be that the bearing is damaged due to excessive friction. Aging and leakage at the root of the sealing disc are also common faults.




Magnetic sensitive double color level meter factory: magnetic sensitive double color level meter product introduction!

Magnetic sensitive two-color level gauge is also called photoelectric two-color level gauge of boiler drum intelligent system. It is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel materials and imported electronic components. The display information position is made of brighter LED two-color light emitting diodes to form a column display. The height of the measuring level gauge is checked according to the green-red transition of LED beam. The display information is brighter, the visibility is long, the ruler is clearly marked, the display information viewing angle is large, and the goods are more systematic and intelligent. The magnetic sensitive two-color level gauge accurately measures waterproof, rainproof, lightning protection, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof type in the whole process, and can be heat-resistant, ultra-high pressure, high sealing, anti-leakage, no blind spots, and display information




Magnetic sensitive two-color level meter manufacturers: magnetic sensitive two-color level meter overview and structure principle!

Magnetic sensitive two-color level gauge is a commodity developed, produced and manufactured by Hengsheng Instrument Equipment Company in accordance with the magnetic level gauge specification HG/T21584-95 implemented by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry. Can be used for a variety of towers, tanks, tanks, spherical vessels and heating furnaces and other machinery and equipment of the medium level instrument test. This series of magnetic level gauges can ensure high sealing, anti-leakage and accurate measurement of level gauges applicable to high pressure, high temperature and corrosive irritation standards. Magnetic sensitive two-color level gauges have reliable safety performance. It fills the glass test tube (plate) level gauge is not clearly marked, fragile lack, will not be high, super


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