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Static mixer

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Key words:

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Product Description


Static mixer is an advanced unit equipment, its internal without moving parts, the main use of fluid flow and internal unit to achieve a variety of fluid mixing. Static mixers are not only used in mixing processes, but also in processes related to mixing-transfer, including gas/gas mixing, liquid/liquid extraction, gas/liquid reaction, enhanced heat transfer and liquid/liquid reaction. Static mixers are widely used in plastics, chemicals, medicine, mining and metallurgy, food, daily chemicals, pesticides, cables, petroleum, papermaking, chemical fiber, biology, environmental protection and other industries. Because the product has low energy consumption, low investment, good effect and quick effect, it has brought considerable economic benefits to users.


Working principle

The working principle of the static mixer is to make the fluid flow in the pipeline impact various types of plate elements, increase the velocity gradient of the fluid laminar movement or form turbulence, laminar flow is "division-position movement-re-confluence", turbulent flow, the fluid in addition to the above three cases, but also in the cross-section direction will produce intense vortex, there is a strong shear force on the fluid, so that the fluid further split and mix, final mixing forms the desired emulsion. The term "static" mixer means that there are no moving parts in the pipe, only static elements.

The mixing process of the static mixer is carried out by a series of mixing units of different specifications installed in the hollow pipe. Due to the role of the mixing unit, the fluid sometimes turns left and right, constantly changing the direction of the flow mixer, not only pushing the central fluid to the periphery, but also pushing the surrounding fluid to the center, resulting in a good radial mixing effect.


Reed-resistance type remote transmission transmitter is a supporting instrument of UHS-A series magnetic level gauge, which is used to convert the liquid level of medium into 4 ~ 20mA standard current signal output. The sensor part of the transmitter is encapsulated in the magnetic turn-over column panel or externally bundled, with reasonable product structure and convenient installation. At the same time, the Japanese ALEPH dry reed switch is used as the sensing element, which has good product stability and long service life. It is a convenient and reliable liquid level transmitter matched with the magnetic turning column liquid level gauge. In addition, the transmitter output can be used with the light column indicator digital display adjustment alarm produced by our company to easily realize the display, control, adjustment and alarm of the liquid level.

Products are constantly improved, configuration parameters are constantly updated, and the configuration and appearance of products are subject to physical objects.

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