PS Series Jet Mixer
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PS Series Jet Mixer

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Product characteristics

The PS series jet mixer has two significant advantages over other types of mixers: first, it can directly mix fluids at different pressures, and second, the PS series jet mixer can increase the pressure of fluids at lower pressures.


Product Model

There are three main types of PS series jet mixers: PS- I, PSII and PS- III. PS-I type is a liquid/liquid mixer, that is, the working fluid and the lead fluid body are both liquid, and the viscosity of both is relatively small (similar to the viscosity of water);PS-II type is a gas/gas mixer, that is, the working fluid and the lead fluid body are both gas. Because the viscosity of the gas is very small, so as long as the operating conditions are appropriate; PS-II type is used for almost all gases; PS- III type is a gas/liquid mixer, usually the pressure of the liquid is higher as the working fluid, and the pressure of the gas is lower as the lead fluid body.

The standard jet mixer consists of a receiving chamber, a nozzle, a mixing chamber, and a diffusion chamber.

Reed-resistance type remote transmission transmitter is a supporting instrument of UHS-A series magnetic level gauge, which is used to convert the liquid level of medium into 4 ~ 20mA standard current signal output. The sensor part of the transmitter is encapsulated in the magnetic turn-over column panel or externally bundled, with reasonable product structure and convenient installation. At the same time, the Japanese ALEPH dry reed switch is used as the sensing element, which has good product stability and long service life. It is a convenient and reliable liquid level transmitter matched with the magnetic turning column liquid level gauge. In addition, the transmitter output can be used with the light column indicator digital display adjustment alarm produced by our company to easily realize the display, control, adjustment and alarm of the liquid level.

Products are constantly improved, configuration parameters are constantly updated, and the configuration and appearance of products are subject to physical objects.

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